Digitization as a Service (DaaS)

Digital Transformation or Digitization (henceforth abbreviated as “DaaS”) is on the minds of many organizations and promises to modernize firms by optimizing existing processes, enhancing customer experiences, and fostering innovation.

Not only does DaaS affect businesses’ competitiveness and the consumer experience, but pervasive digitization can profoundly impact many facets of human society - from government services, healthcare, defense, communication, to the future of work and the very definitions of firms and industries. It has the potential to break down socio-economic and cultural barriers.

DaaS is a unique and novel service model combining multiple technologies and service providers on industry vertical platforms offering continuous, seamless, end-to-end transformation with the ability to adapt to changing business environments.

The DaaS model has the huge potential to democratize and accelerate digitization and digital transformation for all the industries. DaaS not only provides flexible scalability, it also requires providers to more deeply interface with each other and integrate into the operations of the business to provide continuous adjustments, thereby increasing the success rate for sustained change.

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