Why MindNet Services?

The deep expertise and vast experience of the Technical Advisory Board (TAB) of MindNet Services makes it a unique, go-to organization.

The combined experience of MindNet Services Board members and TAB exceeds 100 person years.

The board members and TAB of MindNet Services comprises of thought leaders with deep expertise in areas ranging from Manufacturing, Logistics & Supply Chain Management on the one end of the spectrum to IoT, Industrial IoT, Embedded Systems, Cybersecurity and Cloud Computing on the other end of the DaaS spectrum.

As a result, MindNet Services is uniquely positioned in the space of ‘Digitization as a Service’. Based on our experiences advising organizations on DaaS initiatives and discussions with diverse stakeholders, we offer guidance for managing and benefiting from DaaS in the emerging as-a-Service environment to firms and to technology and service providers.

MindNet Services encourages firms to look beyond plain vanilla technology – they need to possess a customer-centric, data-centric, experimental, and adaptive mindset.

MindNet Services helps customers, both big and small, to conceive, strategize and implement an end-to-end Digital Ecosystem – so critical in the ever changing IT world today. The company works closely with software developers, engineers and designers to co-create knowledge, processes and software for enabling DaaS.